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glee Community Garden
"Bucket Container Gardening"

Into the third season at the garden "bucket containers" are being used in the Accessible Gardening Area. We will continue to post images demonstrating how these ingenious "buckets" can produce a significant bounty of food!

For complete information check the following website.
Or, contact Rick Smith directly.
(Under Construction)

Currently at the garden...

The container buckets used at the Community Garden are not a new idea, but Rick Smith has worked hard to perfect the design, simplified the construction, test, and implementation what to grow and how. These "buckets", as we affectionately call them, are ideal for patios, balconies, roof tops, or just about anywhere where space is limited. They can be moved around easily as well, which allows us to position our plants in and out of the blazing Florida sun when necessary. Currently our "bucket system" is being used both at the glee Community Garden, as well as on patios and roof tops here in Key West.

And, if you have back or mobility challenges, "bucket container gardens" are wonderful because you don't need to bend down into a raised bed. Your gardening can be done from a seated position. We have also crossed most of the bridges related to insect and plant "issues".

First buckets containers at Community Garden in 2010
*First buckets containers at Community Garden in winter 2010.

Tomato bounty
*The first season we grew over 65 tomatoes, plus some nice eggplant in spring 2010. And that was after battling some BER (blossom end rot) that took about a dozen tomatoes.

Tricia watering buckets containers at Community Garden
*Tricia watering bucket containers at Community Garden spring 2011. The second season we grew a large crop of Costa Rican Sweet and Red Popper peppers, plus a few California Wonder peppers and a few eggplant.

Eggplants bucket containers at Community Garden
*As you can see, the eggplants (to the left) got huge and provided some very nice shade for the pepper buckets.

Here's a look at what is "Under Construction" for the Accessible Gardening Area at the garden in 2011/2012...

4 Bucket Pods

12 buckets total
*This area will soon have patio pavers and not a plywood surface, which will allow for access around the bucket containers without having to traverse through the soft leaves and sand. Funding for the patio pavers was generously provided by Glad Tidings Community Church of Key West.

Costa Rican Sweet Peppers "These Costa Rican Sweet Peppers were grown in bucket containers. Two or three pepper plants are the perfect number for one bucket. The seeds came from and are one of the few plants that I grow that are not orgranic. We've tried other peppers, such as organic California Wonder, but they just don't produce the bounty that the Costa Rican Sweets do. Perhaps it's because the seeds originate from Central America, where peppers are plentiful and varied, and the climate is similar to that of south Florida. I am now experimenting with alternative organic pepper varieties (in order to have a sustainable seed source of my own), but for now I recommend Costa Rican Sweets for the highest yield. Stay tuned." - Rick Smith



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