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Garden Rules

When you become a member of the garden there's a few things that everyone agrees to, contained in the Membership Agreement.

  • I will pay the fee for an individual plot or inclusion in the common plots to help cover annual garden expenses (fee is non-refundable). Membership is from Oct. 1- Sept. 30.
  • I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY NIGHTSHADE VEGGIES (peppers, tomatoes or eggplants) FROM HOME DEPOT or any "big box" retail or commercial supplier (i.e. Kmart, Sears), due to leaf curl and other diseases from these sources.
  • I will be responsible for maintaining my own garden plot.
  • I will attend orientation prior to planting in the garden.
  • I will begin planting in the garden by late October and keep my plot planted through the growing season at least through April 30th.
  • If I must abandon my plot I will notify the garden board so they can redistribute the plot. "Abandon" means plot is left untended for four weeks. Before the plot is redistributed the member will receive a notice and have an opportunity to respond.
  • I will keep weeds down and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot. If left dormant in the summer, I will plant a cover crop, or cover/solarize my plot to prevent weed growth. I will keep trash out of the plot and adjacent areas.
  • I will place weeds and other organic matter in designated compost bins, as long as weeds have no seeds and/or disease.
  • CGKW is a "pack in/pack out" zone - any trash brought in will be packed out.
  • I will use only organic pest control methods and organic, non-chemical fertilizers. I pledge to use mostly organic, non-genetically modified seeds in the garden.
  • I will plant tall crops only where they will not shade neighboring plots.
  • I will not harvest from anyone else’s plot without their permission, nor will I harvest from common beds unless I have helped water and maintain them.
  • I pledge to conserve water by ensuring that all spigots are turned off after watering, and I will use hand watering only for irrigating my designated plot or common areas.
  • I understand that dogs are not permitted in the garden.
  • I understand that smoking is not permitted in the garden or surrounding areas.
  • I agree to volunteer four hours per month toward community garden work, with priority given to maintenance of the common beds (watering/weeding).
  • I will help keep the tool shed organized.

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